Y2K . . . Prepare to Share

One of the biggest topics of discussion on New Year’s day was concern about next New Year’s day . . . Would we all be sitting around in the dark trying to keep warm?

If everyone agrees that there could be a potential Y2K problem, the logical solution is to prepare.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

But that will not be enough if a segment of society has not been following the discussion and is unprepared.

The most honest thing the government can do is alert people that there is a potential problem, give them guidelines on preparation, and hope that people take it seriously.

But as Christians, what is the correct response to Y2K? Should we adopt a bunker mentality or should we be seeing this as a chance to truly practice the teachings of Christ.

If every Christian family is prepared for themselves and one other family, there should be no major problems in survival.

A national blackout might just force people to get to know their neighbors, turn off the T.V., and get back to the basics of personal relationships. Maybe the motto for Y2K should be, Prepare to Share.