Censoring the Internet

There is a move by pro-abortion advocates to ban Anti-Abortion web sites on the Internet. The claim is that they foster violence against abortion clinics and abortionists.

Forget the fact that most are merely sources of information and offer alternative solutions to abortion. What’s odd is that the very voices who scream the loudest to allow hardcore pornography on the Net, based on the erroneous belief that it is constitutionally protected, are trying to ban a sight they don’t approve of. But a site that is legal none-the-less.

What is ironic, on several levels is that abortion is one of the most violent acts performed on a human being, destroying one life and scarring many others.  Pornography degrades, debases, and destroys the lives of millions of men and women. So if the people trying to prevent the anti-abortion sites really cared about the safety of the doctors, then they should at least extend that compassion to the babies, the mothers, the exploited men and women of pornography and the millions of victims it ravages every year.

This is Nina May encouraging you not to let double standards hide the truth.