Does God Answer Prayer?

My son asked me once if God answered prayers and I said of course, but for many, prayer has become a one-way conversation with no expectation of an answer.

One Day, I told my son I had written something special for him and I wanted to give it to him later. He said he wanted to hear it then and persisted with the request. In my heart I knew he was distracted and wasn’t ready to receive, but because he petitioned me with such fervor, I couldn’t say no. So I had him sit down and began explaining the significance of what I had written and asked him if he was really ready to receive. He assured me he was and I began reading my gift to him. I glanced up after a couple of lines and saw him playing with his toys, looking around the room and generally not listening.

I paused and analyzed the situation and thought to myself how much like that we are with God. We beg him and beg him to answer us, or impart knowledge or give us a gift of faith or wisdom, and when He is ready to answer our prayers, we are on to the next project.

We need to remember that prayer is a two way street and it is as much about listening as it is talking.