Judgement . . . Good or Bad?

We keep hearing that it is un-Christian to judge, but if that were so, then no Christian should ever become a judge, or a lawyer, or submit to the judgement of a court.

We all make judgements each day in our personal lives: Where our children will go to school, who they play with, which food is best for our family . . . what T.V. shows are suitable to watch.

The Bible says, we will be judged by the same standard with which we judge others.

For example, if we are harsh and lack mercy in our judgement then that is how we can expect to be judged?  God has never told His people to abandon the truth. Jesus did not shrink from calling the Pharasis a bunch a vipers and hypocrites because they were pretending to be perfect while holding everyone else to a higher standard.

It is not un-Christian for people today to look at their leaders and judge that they are good leaders or not. If we do not make a judgement when chosing our leaders, then the manner in which they lead will be a judgement on the nation. And we all will be accountable for all our actions on . . . judgement day.

This is Nina May. Ninamay.com.