One Small Leak Can Start a Flood

The other day I saw water leaking from the ceiling in my basement.

A plumber spent four hours cutting holes in the dry wall in the all the areas that could possibly be the source of the water.

In doing so, we saw evidence that it had been in other places besides the basement but we couldn’t find the source.

Finally, on the third floor, after removing the dry wall and baseboard in a bedroom, he found a small copper pipe that had been pricked with a nail when the molding was installed five years before.

It created a tiny, small, unnoticed drip of water that took five years to manifest itself in the basement . . . three floors below.

There are many analogies that can be drawn from this. But it really depends upon what the pipe is carrying.

If it is carrying bitterness, anger, and destructive thoughts then it will manifest in a destructive way that can’t be seen, until the damage is done.

Or, the pipe can carry love, truth, and compassion and where it accumulates, it will cause streams of living water to be poured out.

This is Nina May encouraging you to keep the pipes of your life full of love because you may never know how it will affect someone’s life.