The Box Jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish is found off the coast of northern Australia near the Great Barrier Reef.

These fish are deadly when they sting you and the prognosis for recovery is measured in the length of the sting. Precautions are taken along the resort beaches to keep them away from the bathing area. They stretch nets out past where the swimmers are and keep bottles of Clorox in little boxes up and down the beach to put on the smaller, shorter stings. The longer stings require immediate hospitalization.

The most frustrating thing about them is that they are clear and you can’t see them except when you look through the water, to the sand and see their shadow. With this early warning system that signals that danger is near, you can avoid the sting.

That is like the spiritual radar we each possess that alerts us to the impending threat of spiritual affliction. God gives us the ability to discern the shadows in our spirits to know that danger is near. But He also provides the Clorox of the Holy Spirit to heal us if we are stung. But wisdom, insight and vigilance keep the sting of the enemy from being deadly.