The Ghost Gum Tree

The ghost gum tree in Kings Canyon, near Alice Springs, Australia, is a eucalyptus tree with white fuzzy bark.

The most unusual thing about this tree is its ability to self regulate for survival.

During times of prolonged drought, it will actually amputate one of its own limbs in order to allow more water and nourishment to get to the rest of the tree.

These limbs will never grow back and a painful reminder of the decision to sacrifice one for the good of all, is a black ring lying in perfect contrast against the white bark.

Sometimes in life people have to make tough decisions such as this, for survival of the whole, or just to allow it to grow.

There is another tree called the Rain Tree found in the rainforest in North Eastern Australia. Most leaves of tropical plants form a type of umbrella and catch the water directing it to the limbs and the trunk. The Rain Tree will fold its leaves and point them down toward the ground allowing all the water to fall through them onto the plants below.

It is a sacrificial gesture. Liberals are right, we can learn a lot from nature.