The Tobacco Settlement was Not About Health… It Was About Money

All the states have received an incredible windfall settlement from the tobacco companies.

Even the lawyers get to split up a whopping eight billion dollars among themselves.

Even though there was no plaintiff, no injured person in the trial, the courts decided that people who smoke cost the state money therefore the tobacco company should pay.

What industry will be next? Beer and wine? Automobile? Roller blades? When do people become responsible for their actions and accountable to read labels or use products correctly?

If the government thinks that tobacco is so horrible, so deadly, so addictive, then they should say it is an illegal substance.

If they really cared about the health of the people smoking they would pass a law forbidding them to do it. But there’s no money in that.

On the pretense of caring about health, they continue to raise taxes on cigarettes claiming this will go to pay for medical expenses of smokers.

This is Nina May challenging lawmakers to either ban cigarettes, or let smokers alone. Stop using them as a get rich scheme while claiming to care about their health and safety.