Abortion Clinics Unregulated

Woman Are Exploited and Don’t Know It

In the early seventies, one of the biggest arguments for legalizing abortion was that women were going to unscrupulous people without sterile conditions. The purpose was to allow bonafide doctors to perform these operations while protecting the life of the mother.

You will be surprised to know that today, only a few states in the union require abortion clinics to be regulated and health inspections are NOT allowed. So even though they are legal, they are still run like back-ally operations that used dirty coat hangers.

Why? Because there is no respect for the women coming in. They are treated like cattle, like animals. They are dismissed with disdain because the abortionists know this is their own child they are having killed. And they rationalize that if she doesn’t care about her own flesh and blood, she certainly doesn’t care about herself.

They must have been reading the Bible where it says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And there is no closer neighbor to a woman than her unborn fetus.

This is Nina May encouraging women to stop allowing themselves to be exploited and begin loving themselves . . . as God loves them.