If its Not Tested on Animals… Who Is it Tested On?!

Have you ever started to put cream on your skin, and notice a label that says, “Not Tested on Animals”? This is where I put the top back on and decide not to be their test animal. Because if it is a product to be used on humans, but they care more about the reaction to an animal’s skin, how safe can the product be? And how thorough can the research have been?

Will the mother of a newborn really want this precious skin to be the petri dish for someone’s product? Have we taken the protection of animals over humans too far?

High schools today give students situational ethics problems to ponder, so in that vein, let me ask you. You, your two children and pet dog are all in a life raft. You only have enough water for three. One must die in order for the others to survive. Which one do you sacrifice? This really is the type of question asked of students today, and animal rights activists would be shocked if you chose Fluffy as the one to go overboard.

This is Nina May reminding you that you are made in God’s image, not the image of a laboratory rat, oh, and, you should probably learn to swim, in case your kids get the answer wrong.