Monica Mania and Missing Morals

In spite of the polls that said no one was going to watch Barbara Walter’s interview with Monica Lewinsky, over 70 million did. So much for polls.

But what does that level of curiosity, the money paid for subsequent interviews, and a glamorized book tour tell us about our current culture?

It tells women, to hold onto your husbands because they are now fair game. It tells men, look out for the femme fatale who is enamored by your power and nothing else.

The bigger fish you are, the bigger the book deal for her. And it tells young girls, that the man you work for now has a new paradigm of control over you.

That it will be his word against yours if you are sexually harassed.

Just hope he is a Republican because at least he’ll be punished. But sadly there are thousands of girls and boys who are harassed daily by people in authority over them and they have no one to complain to.

The National Organization for Women certainly doesn’t see it as a big deal . . . any more.

So whatever the reason for watching, what we all saw was a sad reflection of what we have become as a nation . . . It’s not a pretty picture.