Stopping Clinic Violence (the ACLU’s Role)

The ACLU celebrated March 10 as National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.

They thanked them for their heroism, perseverance, courage and commitment to women. This, by the way, is the same ACLU that fought a Bible Appreciation Week in Arizona, and won.

But let’s dissect what we should be thankful for.

How heroic is it to exploit helpless women and murder defenseless babies? They did that in Nazi Germany.

What kind of perseverance and courage does it take to keep the truth from women about the dangers of abortion… loss of life, fertility, and emotional stress? Drug dealers do that.

And what type of commitment to women are they referring to? Commitment to lie to them about the dangers of an operation such as an abortion? Commitment to keep women… and health inspectors in the dark about the lack of sanitary facilities?

Instead of celebrating our national shame, we should use March 10 to ask God’s forgiveness for allowing this holocaust to occur.

But the big question is… how many women have ever called her abortionist and thanked him, or her, for killing their child? That is the number to look at.