The Flying Fox

The flying fox is really a bat, that has a two to three-foot wing-span, and soars and flaps its wings like a large bird, not fast like a regular bat.

Its face looks like a fox and its feet look like long slender claws, like the feet of a bird. When it is soaring overhead it is beautiful and gracious and is truly awe-inspiring.

The minute it lands though, it is an ugly creature that pulls itself up the tree limbs with the front claws of its wings and the back claws near the tale.

They make an ugly screeching sound that you only notice when they have landed.

It sounds almost melodic when it is soaring.

They are like all of us who have the choice of soaring like an eagle, with wings spread, lifted by the peace and glory of God, or we can choose to cling to our worldly natures and crawl up trees like deformed bugs.

As humans, only we are created in God’s image, yet we have the choice to live our lives in our own image.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather soar like an eagle than crawl like a bug.