Education – Whose Kids are they Anyway?

In California, a science teacher tried to make a school force children back into his class after they asked to be removed when they found out he was gay. They said he made them feel uncomfortable, that he would put his arm around them and they didn’t like it.

Their parents agreed, and obviously the school did too, because the kids were moved. He forced a hearing and demanded that “his” children be returned to his class.

Several of the parents rose to remind him that these children did not belong to him, they were theirs, and their responsibility. The vote was in favor of the parents and the children. This was not good enough for the teacher. He took it to the state School Board, and the school was reprimanded and the new policy is that kids will be forced to stay with teachers they find objectionable. Also, they will be forced to take sensitivity training classes on homosexuality.

Public education has become little more than a 12-year political indoctrination course. Maybe now, parents will begin to believe it and save their children from people who see them as their property, not as individuals with their own belief system.

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