Getting a Perspective on Life

If you ever want to keep life in perspective, dig out an old weekly magazine from the early eighties. Remember the ones that called Reagan a “cowboy” for punishing Muamar Kadaffi for terrorist acts? Or the one that had the leaders in the Middle East upset because we intercepted an Egyptian plane to capture the terrorists of the Achille Lauro? Or when Daniel Ortega was a hero and Reagan was the bad guy and the press was always on Reagan’s case about something?

Look at the liberation of Grenada in comparison to the questionable bombing of an aspirin factory in Sudan. Look at the effort to try and end civil war and bloodshed in Nicaragua, in our own hemisphere, just by giving them arms to defend themselves. And see us now send our young men and women into a civil war halfway around the world that has been waging for years.

Read the quotes of people who epitomized international wisdom and wonder where they are today.

The lesson is, Kings and Kingdoms will all pass away but the etermal truth of Christ’s love will live forever. And the treasures we store for eternity will mark what people will remember of us in the future.