Hawk and Duck on the White House Lawn

A few weeks ago, an intruder attacked a sitting duck on the White House lawn. The intruder was a Red-Tailed hawk who swooped down and literally attacked . . . a sitting duck. This occurred right on the heels of the NATO bombing of Serbia, and for some, it seemed very symbolic. But what was most interesting was the reaction of the White House staff.

The paper reported them as being disgusted by the way the hawk ripped the duck apart and devoured it right in front of everyone. This is the same administration that has gone out of its way to protect the environment, set aside natural habitats, and parks for wildlife. They must spend all of their time inside writing bills that protect wildlife instead of actually getting out and seeing how they behave with each other. It is not a pretty picture. They devour each other daily . . . that is how they survive.

Hawks don’t go down to the local McDonalds and order a duck burger. And in spite of what animal rights activists will tell you, human beings are not an animal’s biggest predator . . . another animal who is hungrier and bigger is.

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.