If the Life of Christ was no big deal, why are we about to celebrate the Millennium?

If Christ did not exist, or was not who He said He was, how could he have exerted so much more power in death, than in life, to have the whole western calendar system recalculated to match His birth?

Even before his death he told his unbelieving disciples they would do greater miracles than him.

And the main distinction between Christ and other religious leaders is that the tomb is empty . . . he conquered death literally, so that we could conquer it symbolically.

But even that could have been explained away in 2000 years or even forgotten. Certainly the new Christians being fed to lions must have entertained the thought that maybe it was a rumor and the resurrection didn’t really happen.

But the miracle that has survived 2000 years is the fact that the Holy Spirit of Christ never died but is as alive today as He was when He walked the earth 2000 years ago.

That is the miracle that has outlived common logic, persecution, rejection, and the forces of evil.

We celebrate the empty tomb on Sunday, but do we really understand that he is with us still, today? That is the miracle that defies common sense and logic.