James Carvel and Israel . . .

It seems as though the Labor Party in Israel is so impressed with the political integrity of the Clinton Administration that they have hired their number one spin-meister, James Carvell.

You remember, the one who tried to keep Paula Jones from having her day in court, thinks that Ken Starr is the Devil incarnate, and that Bill Clinton is an innocent victim of the vast right wing conspiracy?

It reminds me of the old movie “Tammy”, starring Debbie Reynolds.

The lawyers trying to have the wealthy old woman committed were talking about how dangerous she was and how it was in her best interest to be sent away. Tammy saw right through it and said, “If you were her lawyers, you would be talking about what a fine upstanding woman she is.”

Of course she was right, as that is the essence of advocacy.

So as we hear Carvel say, “When you get down to it, Israel’s well-informed electorate can be seduced just as easily as America’s apathetic and ignorant voters,” you realize he is just a hired gun.

But the jury in Tammy, the voters in America, and those in Israel aren’t nearly as ignorant as Carvell thinks. The old lady in Tammy won, and so will the truth. This is Nina May.