One Person’s Freedom Fighter is Another’s Terrorist

I remember hearing, during the eighties the phrase, “one person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist.  This was always in reference to the Contras, or the citizens of Nicaragua who opposed communist oppression.

Of course those who opposed communism with them knew them as freedom fighters but those who supported Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas, referred to them as terrorists.

Two such people were Bill and Hillary Clinton, plus the usual suspects who saw America as the Evil Empire and Ronald Reagan as Darth Vader.

They were opposed at every turn to even sending arms to let the people defend themselves against some of the most horrible atrocities to occur in our hemisphere.

Sandinista supporters in America pulled out all the stops in their unabashed support of the communist dictatorship. These same people are the current Administration. So if they called innocent Nicaraguans, terrorists, and they called the real terrorists, the freedom fighters . . . how can we trust what they are now calling Milosevic?

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