Training Tigers is Like Yielding Control to Another Force . . . Either Good or Evil

The circus has many acts that symbolize real life.

We see the tightrope walker delicately keeping his balance to avoid falling. This is a lesson we should apply daily.

The horses run in unison around a tiny ring, but if any one of them did not keep up, stopped, protested, it would cause them all to stumble.

But the most interesting symbolic act is the tiger trainer and some of the largest, most powerful animals in the world.

With a tiny stick with a piece of string on it, this vulnerable man has the power and authority over animals that could kill him easily with the swipe of a paw.

This has two applications, depending upon who the trainer represents, and who the tigers represent.

If the trainer has faith in God and believes as the Bible says that he has more power in his little finger than Satan, and acts accordingly, he can manifest that power.

But if the trainer is Satan and we are tigers, we are ignoring the incredible power and authority God has given us and are letting a weak man, a stick and piece of string control us.

As soon as we know who we are, then we can figure out how to manifest God’s power and Glory.