Which Would You Rather in Your School… Influence of Jesus or Satan?

When prayer was taken out of school it was as though a pest had been infesting the school system and finally they were free from this horrible influence. Now the kids could concentrate on learning, on the important things of life without the threat of religion hanging over their heads. But with any pendulum swing in society, when you extract the good from something, the evil automatically fills in the void.

So instead of kids openly, and freely discussing the attributes of a loving relationship with God, and their family, they talk about how cool it is to dabble in Satan worship. Or instead of listening to music that edifies and builds up, they listen to tortured music that kills the soul. Instead of encouraging each other to set new standards of excellence for themselves and each other they are force-fed trash pumped out by the movie industry.

And then everyone is suddenly shocked when two of the new breed demonstrate what they have learned on the dark side. Ask yourself, which do you think is more harmful to children . . . prayer in school or two kids with no self-esteem, full of hate, caring loaded guns?

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women,