Al Gore vs. Dan Quayle

If Al Gore can be considered a viable candidate for President, then so should Dan Quayle. T

hey both have identical resumes, except for ideology. Both served as U.S. Senators, and as Vice Presidents. The distinction is . . . Quayle was never Bush’s “Yes Man”, or enabler as Gore has been for Clinton.

When Bush waffled on family values, Quayle stepped out to the end of the branch, stated the truth, and both parties cut it out from under him.

He was right, and was the only one who had the courage to speak the truth.

Gore claims he invented the Internet and no one, including the real inventors, questions the obvious lie.

Quayle spells potato the way public school teachers have written it on a card and he becomes the butt of endless jokes.

Gore claims the earth is warming to the point where we should ditch our fridges and air conditioners and he is heralded as a genius . . . except by the real experts who think he’s wacky.

Dan thinks families are important and is called an extremist.

So if Gore is a viable candidate for President, then so is Quayle. And we all owe Dan an apology because he was right.

If you doubt it, just look at the headlines of the past few months.