Rain Falls on the Just and Unjust Alike

(Transferred Blessings from Ducks to Crows)

We just discovered, much to our delight, that a pair of Mallard Ducks have taken up residence in our pond.

We put some bread out for them and noticed that they must be used to humans, because they came right over and ate it. I also noticed later from the window that the crows and blue jays were swooping down on them, trying to intimidate them, and get the bread that was left for the ducks.

I thought how interesting that was. The crows are an unwelcome guest in the yard because they tear up the trash and scare away the smaller birds. But because the ducks were a blessing, and we were feeding them, the crows were getting a transferred blessing.

But instead of realizing it was the presence of the ducks that caused there to be extra food . . . they tried to run the ducks off to keep the food for themselves.

That reminds me of people who try and take God out of all public life, restrict Christian expression, and forbid prayer in school, but they still expect the blessings of God on this country to continue.

The crows get blessed because of the favor the ducks have with us. If the Ducks leave, so will the blessing.

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