Should We Pass More Laws, or Just Obey the Ones God Gave Us?

In the wake of yet another school tragedy, the politicians race to pass legislation that will pin the blame on an inanimate object. A gun.

Even though when students were asked by the President what could be done, and their response was put prayer back in school, politicians still think more anti-gun legislation as the answer.

The truth is, 20 of these laws alone were violated at Columbine High School. That is 20 out 20,000 laws concerning guns.

One more law on the books would not have deterred these two boys because society does not reflect the spirit of the law. Violence is glorified in movies, there is no respect for authority, the laws, adults, or teachers in any show on T.V.  Religious leaders are ridiculed and believers are called extremists. Children raise themselves, and the ACLU, along with other search and destroy groups, refuse to allow Internet blocking for kids who surf the net looking for violence and pornography.

The answer is not passing more laws, it is just obeying the ten that God has given us. If we did that, we wouldn’t even need politicians.