State Sponsored Stupidity in California’s New Domestic Partnership Law

The State of California, in its haste to appease the homosexual community has passed a law that says state employees will get domestic partner health benefits. Instead of looking at this as “anti-family,” “pro-gay,” we should see this as a great opportunity to get a lot of people on state-sponsored health care that otherwise would not qualify.

For example, if a state employee lives in a house with several other friends, these friends should qualify for benefits. The new law says the couple “should have a close and exclusive relationship in which each is responsible for the common welfare.” Well if sharing rent, meals and phone bills doesn’t qualify what does? It doesn’t say anything about having a sexual relationship. And the fact that they use the word “couple” should be challenged by, say a fraternity house, that can claim their brotherhood is as close as any couple’s.

I encourage every creative individual to take full advantage of the cowardice and lack of principle by the majority in the Californian Legislature and find a roommate that works for the state and let your tax dollars work for you for a change.