Trying to Make Your Principles Match the Politics of the Day (Can Be Frusterating)

There must be great confusion and frustration in the many camps that have steadfastly supported President Clinton and the democrat agenda.

The feminists were forced to choose between their party and their principles when they redefined sexual harassment in favor Bill Clinton.

The anti-war protestors of old have been forced to reevaluate terms such as “American imperialism”, in the wake of our recent bombings of three sovereign nations… Sudan, Afghanistan and now Yugoslavia.

And the environmentalists who think that humans are the scourge of the earth are forced to turn a blind eye as 13 million gallons of oil flow into the Danube, from the bombing of Belgrade.

These are interesting paradigm shifts that are occurring in all the of special interest groups that heretofore have shown no tolerance for anyone who would gore their sacred cow, except Clinton.

How easy it is to see the emptiness of self-righteous rhetoric that is merely a front for a political agenda.

Now that the curtain has been pulled back on all the Wizards in Oz, and the truth exposed, maybe we can finally have honest debate on these and other issues.