Why Don’t Knifes and Other Weapons Have Waiting Periods and Background Checks?

I saw a show the other night that features unique video of real life events. One of the scenes, shot by a surveillance camera, was of a robbery in a jewelry store. What was interesting is that the three men who robbed the store and escaped, after intimidating the shop keeper and customers, did this all without any guns.

They had clubs and sticks and long knifes, that they smashed the cases open with. They had ski masks on so you couldn’t identify them, but not a single shot was fired… no one was really harmed… just scared.

I was amazed that I did not read anything in the paper about congress rushing to pass laws about the possession of clubs and long knifes during robberies, or the wearing of ski masks out of season in the act of committing a crime.

They are so eager to blame the weapon instead of the criminal I was certain there would be waiting period for the purchase of knifes.

But criminals aren’t on trial in the court of public opinion… 65 million law abiding gun owners, guns, and the Second Amendment are.