An Obituary for an Unborn Child

This past week an unborn baby’s life hung in the balance as abortion vs. adoption was discussed.

For the young girl, who’s body the baby was growing in, it was a life and she chose life.

She also chose to give the baby up for adoption. She chose to be accountable, to be responsible and not condemn a baby to death, just because of her mistakes.

But, when this young girl announced to her mother what her decision was, she was dragged to an abortion clinic and forced to have an abortion.

So the girl’s choice was irrelevant… to her mother… and to the abortionist.

What other industry can you legally drag someone into and carve life out of them without their permission?

This parallels the treatment of slaves who had no choice, as people, what they could do with their bodies. This young girl became a slave of lies, of a feminist agenda, of a mother’s selfishness… of a government that sees her as a non-person when it comes to reproductive rights.

She had no choice in the matter.

Until women smash the leg irons of the abortion industry that are keeping them enslaved… no woman will ever really have a choice to do the right thing.

This is Nina May, mourning the death of an innocent child.