Can the Homosexual Industry be Responsible for AIDS Deaths?

In San Francisco, there are several homosexual activists who are pushing to loosen rules in the city’s bathhouses. Michael Petrelis, leader of Queer Nation says, “We want to increase the number of venues where adult gay men can practice safe, consensual sodomy.”

San Fransisco has the highest rate of AIDS in America, and almost eighteen thousand people there have died of AIDs since it was first diagnosed. This is akin to youngsters who have access to loaded guns, complaining that they don’t have a safe place to shoot each other.

But shouldn’t the same standards be applied to gay activist groups as are applied to the tobacco industry and gun manufacturers? The courts determined that because smokers who are on medicare and medicaid, might get lung cancer, the tobacco industry should be held accountable.

And the gun manufacturers are supposed to be responsible for how someone uses their product.

So if tobacco use might cause lung cancer and we know unprotected sex with people infected with AIDS does spread the disease. . . should the groups, individuals, businesses and communities that support this activity be held liable and accountable, as the tobacco and gun industries are? What do you think?