Die-Hard Southerners Should Rejoice at Kosovo Victory for Succession

The new international theme for countries seems to be based on the old Plessey vs. Ferguson rule of segregation . . . separate but equal.

Of course that was considered not only unconstitutional, but unjust and blatantly racist here in America. But that out-dated standard seems to the new paradigm for countries such as Israel and Yugoslavia.

Israel is now a patchwork quilt of ethnic groups who do not work together, play together, or vote together.  It has become a “separate but equal” country. It seems as though that is the hope of the Kosovars, that they have their own separate, but equal country, with their own president and standing army.

This should be wonderful news for southerners who have steadfastly held to the motto, the “South Shall Rise Again.” After all, they tried, unsuccessfully, 140 years ago to do exactly what the Palestinian Authority and the KLA have accomplished.

To be consistent, Clinton should give them his full blessing, the backing of NATO, and any foreign country who agrees with this new standard, should feel free to join in the fray. This is Nina May asking what you think.