Gore to Reinvent Image . . . Almolonga Transforms Image

Al Gore is reinventing his image to appeal to voters who may have been living on a remote island for the past eight years.

For the rest of America, it is going to take more than telling us what we want to hear. . . we need to see fruits of a changed heart.

Take the city of Almolonga in Guatemala, for example. There used to be eight thousand people, thirty-six bars and three churches.

Since a spiritual revival that occurred there a few years ago, there are now twenty-four thousand people, three bars and eighteen spirit-filled churches.

They used to have four trucks per month leave the village with vegetables, now they have forty-six per DAY.

Ninety eight percent of the people profess to be born again Christians and almost every truck, car, house or business proudly proclaims it with signs.

People travel from all over the world to see carrots the size of your forearm.

So as Gore struggles with a new image to get more votes, the town of Almolonga truly has a new image . . . one that reflects the power, forgiveness and the love of God.

A heart change, not an image change, would be a believable transformation with tangible fruits . . . like the vegetables in Almolonga. This is Nina May.