Hormel Giving Kids Loaded Guns of Self Destruction and Lies

A lot of people are wondering what the furor is about Clinton, surreptitiously appointing James Hormel as Ambassador of Luxembourg.

Well, let me ask, would you be upset if a very vocal homosexual wanted to show your child a film promoting the homosexual lifestyle as a preference to the heterosexual lifestyle, while calling your values intolerant?

Well, that’s what Hormel has done, with the assistance of PBS, in a film he funded called, “It’s Elementary.” It is designed to desensitize children from k-12 about the homosexual lifestyle and indoctrinate them into it.

This is a benign man with no agenda and is harming no one? Not once in this film does it mention the death rate of homosexuals, the number of kids with sexually transmitted diseases, suicides, broken homes, destroyed lives.  This is man we can count on to tell the truth about America in another country?

This would be as though Clinton was appointing a radical member of a militia group who had distributed a film about the necessity of carrying loaded guns in school.

What Hormel has done is given your children a loaded gun of self-destruction and lies.