If Abortionists Cared About Choice… They would give them the Adoption Option

The claim by every pro-abortion group and advocate is that they care about the welfare of women and that their primary concern is that they have the right to choose.

But that choice never seems to include information on adoption.

Many believe the reason is because the abortion industry is making billions of dollars on the ethnic cleansing of unborn Americans… and that is true.

But what if individuals desiring to adopt approached the abortion clinic and said, “We will pay you double whatever an abortion costs if you will inform the woman that we are willing to adopt her baby.”

So then, the abortion clinics can really do what they have been claiming for years that they do… protecting her right to choose.

They will still be making obscene amounts of money and more importantly, that little child would be one more survivor of a national holocaust that has been taking place in America for over 25 years.

So this is Nina May challenging families seeking to adopt to approach abortion clinics and give them the opportunity to live up to their claims of protecting a women’s right to choose.