If Christians Can’t Benefit From School Vouchers. Let Them Keep Their Money

One of the biggest obstacles to allowing low income families to have school vouchers is the fear that they will be used in Christian, or religious schools. After all, it would be totally unconstitutional to use taxpayer money to give a child a moral and values-based education.

The operative phrase is “taxpayer money.” Which taxpayer is that?

If the state is so concerned about any Christian getting any special benefit from their own money, money they have earned and are forced, by law, to give the state . . . perhaps the state should exempt all Christians from paying taxes. Because to co-mingle Christian taxpayer money with non-Christian taxpayer money certainly must be a violation of the separation of church and state.

So, the answer would be, don’t tax Christians so that there is no possibility that “Christian” money could possibly be circulating in the same tax pool as “non-Christian” money. Or maybe we should begin to treat Christians as full citizens with the same rights and privileges as everyone else and let them use vouchers the way they see fit. Because taxes belong to all the people who paid them . . . not just a few.

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.