Robert E. Lee . . . Freedom Fighter or Terrorist? You Decide!

Robert E. Lee was offered a commission by Abraham Lincoln and turned it down to lead the Confederate Army, so both sides thought he was qualified. And now his portrait has been removed from a wall containing 28 others in Richmond, the capitol of the Confederacy, because one of the city councilmen is offended by it.

He compared him to Adolph Hitler. Obviously not a history buff, this man is comparing an apple to an orange. The better analogy would be to compare Lee to the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army who have been fighting for independence from Yugoslavia. They want to secede from their Union. The dictator, Hitler, on the other hand, wanted to remake the world in his image.

So what again is Sa’ad El-Amin’s complaint about the portrait of a great general? He claims that “Lee is a pariah in my community.” Which community is that? Richmond? The former Capitol of the Confederacy . . . I doubt that very seriously.

This is Nina May asking you to tell us what you think. Should the portrait stay or go? And if it goes, can Republicans have every picture of Clinton removed from public buildings because they find them offensive?