Some Things Never Change… Even 100 Years Later!

As we wind down this century, it serves us well to reflect upon the end of the last one to gain a historical perspective on who we are as a nation.

On this day, 95 years ago, President William McKinley, then Governor of Ohio said, “There is no currency in the this world that passes at such a premium anywhere as good Christian character… The time has gone by when the young man or the young woman in the United states has to apologize for being a follower of Christ.”

It is important for Christians today to understand that the cause of Christ has been a spiritual battle that has been ongoing since the foundation of the earth. It has been a physical battle for 2000 years as Christians have been faithful, persecuted and victorious in that order.

Why do we think today we should have it any easier just because we think we live in a more civilized and more accommodating time? Christians one hundred years ago had to make the same choices we do today. And because they stood for the cause of Christ, we can continue sharing His love with others.

We are merely passing the baton of love, forgiveness and salvation. . .that is a wonderful legacy to leave our nation.