Why is Money Always the Government’s Solution?

At a recent graduation ceremony, President Clinton mentioned the need for families to spend more time together. It was reminiscent of Dan Quayle calling for a return to family values.  Although the response to both was entirely different.

When Dan Quayle suggested it, he meant that the family should be responsible for instilling values in their children by monitoring the shows they see on T.V. that undermine these values. He was mocked and ridiculed.

Today, Bill Clinton suggests that families should spend more time together, and his solution, is to spend state reserves to pay workers for extra time off. Basically, the government will pay families to spend time together. The only reason there is extra tax money is because families are being taxed so much now that both parents have to work to create this reserve that the president so generously suggests giving back to them.

Here is a solution: Mr. President… lower taxes so that taxpayers can voluntarily, without compensation or award, spend time with their families. Now wouldn’t that be a novel idea? I wonder what all the presidential candidates think of that? Call them and ask them.