Will the Real Al Gore, Please Stand Up

If you ever want to see what the polls really say, listen to what a politician is saying when he is running for office… not what he says after he is elected.

Take Al Gore for example.

As Vice President Gore, he stood solidly behind Bill Clinton, never questioning, never doubting and even going to so far as to say he is one of the greatest presidents we have ever had.

On the day of his impeachment, Clinton is presented by Gore as a hero who has just saved a village or who has rescued an elderly lady from a burning car. Not an ounce of remorse, shame or contrition.

Now, candidate Gore says that what Clinton did was wrong, and we need to get back to moral basics in America. So the big question is, is it loyalty or truth that Gore can’t quite get right?

But the reality is… the pollsters have told him to distance himself from Clinton. He knew the day he put his arm around Clinton in the rose garden, congratulating him for his courage under fire… that this photo, and statement would one day be played during his campaign.

So was he lying then… or is he lying now? Was he loyal for a season and now that is irrelevant?

Are the American voters really this gullible? You’re one, you tell me. This is Nina May at ninamay.com.