Education May be Expensive, but What We are Funding is Ignorance in the Public Schools

I keep seeing these PC bumper stickers around that say, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

This of course is supposed to make tax payers feel guilty that they aren’t putting even more of their hard-earned dollars into a failed system that is disguised as education, but is little more than indoctrination.

Let’s see how intelligent public schools are.

In some Alaskan schools kids can’t say Merry Christmas. In Tempe, Arizona a second grader was reprimanded and punished for typing the word “Jesus” on her computer screen at school. In Northern California kids who were singing Joy to the World were told they couldn’t sing the words Jesus, Lord, or Savior . . .they had to hum the words. In Atlanta, Georgia a high school student was suspended and charged with “possession of Christian materials” when he quietly passed a note to fellow student inviting him to a Bible study.

These as just a few examples of your tax dollars at work in the public school system. They are right . . .this type of education is much too expensive, and it actually sounds like what we are paying for is ignorance.

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