Feminists Have No Problem With Pornography — But Please, Don’t Call Them Babe

It is interesting to see feminists who want to remake society in their image and it is up to each of us daily to know what mood they are in.

For example, they have traditionally protected pornography and feel that to prohibit the use of it would violate First Amendment rights. They are offended when a connection is drawn between rape and pornography and claim it can’t be proved. They don’t seem to have a problem that women are victims of horrendous crimes at the hands of users who admit pornography is their instruction manual for abuse.

They were strangely silent on the recent case in Florida of the little 9 year old girl murdered by a teenage boy just ten minutes after he viewed hardcore pornography.

But do you know what will really, really, really gets feminists upset? Just call them an endearing name like Babe and they will throw the book at you.

In fact, Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals said that no female attorney may be called “Babe” in a Maryland courtroom.

It’s just too bad these victimized feminist lawyers don’t have something more important to do, like try and save the lives of innocent women and children who are the real victims of their selfishness.