Home Schoolers are More Socialized than Most

Most home schoolers say the biggest complaint they get from people is that their children are not properly socialized. That they can’t possibly be prepared for the world because they have been sheltered from it. Unless they experience the hardships and realities of life, then they are only getting part of an education.

Detractors will of course promote a regular classroom format as the only source of true socialization available to children. But this is interesting from people who are systematically cleaning out the public school libraries of any books that might be offensive . . . that might bruise the psyche of the young child.

Books like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Mark Twain,” “Bre’r Rabbit,” or “Little Black Sambo.” These are considered highly offensive and to expose a child to these degrading works of literature would certainly destroy them. It reminds me a little of the talk show host who asked a mom how she could possibly home school all five of her children simultaneously. She asked why he didn’t ask the same question of a woman who was paid to teach thirty kids she didn’t even love.

This is Nina May suggesting that it’s home school detractors who need to be socialized to accept home schooling.