If All Gun Owners Were as Nutty as Gun Controllers Say, They Wouldn’t be Here to Talk About it

There is a move to capitalize on the recent shootings in high schools to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

There are 65 million gun owners and 200 million guns in America. If the 65 million people who are regularly classified as nuts, really were, the country would be a totally different place. There would be no law and order, there would be no respect for politicians who irresponsibly spend people’s hard earned money on wasteful boondoggles. There would be no domestic peace and tranquility. There would be many more terrorist acts than the dozen or so reported every year.

Between 1987-1992, about 83,000 crime victims per year used a firearm to defend themselves or their property. 75% did so during a violent crime. 38% of victims defending themselves with a firearm attacked the offender, and the others threatened the offender with the weapon.

To quote an often seen bumper sticker, gun control means hitting your target. This is Nina May at ninamay.com. Reminding you that 200 years ago, it was a group of nuts carrying guns that won for us the right to freely discuss this issue today.