If Religion is Full of Hypocrites, then Christians Should be Full of Grace

Leon Wieseltier, of the New Republic says, “Wherever there’s religion, there’s hypocrisy.”

I submit, that even without the presence of religion you will find that characteristic at work. But the real message is that people who claim to be religious are held to a higher standard.

There seems to be an unspoken, unwritten hope that this person, who claims to have a personal relationship with the God of Universe will someone manifest His glory, peace, joy, love, compassion.

He goes onto say “Most people in politics don’t believe in God, they believe in religion.”

Jesus was despised by the religious people of his day and they set about to try and destroy him. If Christians remember that the focus is on relationship . . . with God first and then with our fellow man, then religion will become even more irrelevant than it now is . . . and more will be drawn to the true, loving nature of Jesus Christ.

And then it won’t matter if religion is equated with hypocrisy, because people will realize it is about a relationship with Christ. . . not about a religion made by man.