If Women are Informed of Dangers of Breast Implants …

Why Not of the Dangers of Abortions?

Although it has been determined that silicone breast implants don’t cause cancer women are still warned, “It is essential that women fully understand these risks before they decide to undergo this surgery.”

Now, isn’t that interesting? A lawsuit was recently filed in New Jersey by three women who claim they were not fully informed about the dangers of an abortion.

Clearly as dangerous, if not more, than an operation for breast enlargement.

The suit contends that women are denied information about abortion and thus cannot give informed consent.

The Doctor’s claim that Roe v. Wade created a “right to choose” and it didn’t matter if the “choice” was uninformed.

The court ruled that abortion providers don’t need to explain their procedures… but plastic surgeons do?

If a woman can choose to have something put in her body that’s not been proven to be dangerous, and is not harmed..then certainly that same woman has the same rights when something is taken out of her body and damages do occur.

Women are told of potential dangers of breast implants but not of baby unplants.

I’m suggesting that this is a deadly inconsistency.