Osama bin Laden Waldo Has been Spotted! Quick — Tell President Clinton!

Some very interesting news has just been revealed that should be a great relief to President Clinton. Osama bin Laden has moved his base.

Inspite of all the money we spend on surveillance, espionage, and intelligence gathering, the location of his new camp was discovered by someone from the London Observer.

They report that a couple of months ago bin Laden moved into an old collective farm in the village of Farmihadda, a few miles south of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, on the Pakistan border.

This should be great news for President Clinton who felt so compelled to find him and avenge the bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, that he insisted these missions take place on the day his impeachment trial was to begin. Well . . . bin Laden is still at large . . . he’s still the guy who claimed responsibility for the bombings . . . and now we know where he is.

If President Clinton is as concerned about seeing justice done now, as he was last year, why isn’t he trying to take him out? And if the London Observer knows where he is . . . certainly our military intelligence does too.