Washington A-List and the G-Word

Maybe the C-list is Preferred

For decades the Washington, D.C. social scene has been dominated by people who are infatuated with power, position and politics. A system was even developed to ensure that only the people considered the “flavor of the day or week” are included.

It’s called the A-list and is actually published in a book that is considered the Bible of the social set. But, no matter how important or politically connected you are . . . if you have the bad habit of mentioning God at cocktail parties, you are rejected from the A-list.

What this says about the A-List is that is filled with people with wonderful resumes, brilliant achievement, and maybe even a private faith in God, but they lack one thing I think is a requirement at any successful social function . . . .they lack guts.

Who wants to be around a group of like-minded people who congratulate themselves on achieving social status when there is no substance, no courage, no conviction of beliefs or core foundation that brought them to this point?

This is called a hollow victory. With this type of intolerance toward people of conviction, it is not hard to imagine what the A stands for in the A-List. Let us know what you think at ninamay.com.