Which Harms Kids More? Cigarettes, STDs, or Oreo cookies?

The San Fransisco Board of Education has just banned the sale or use of products on school campuses that are linked to tobacco companies. That includes all-American snacks such as Oreos and Jello pudding.

The agenda to destroy the political clout of the tobacco industry is veiled in the excuse to protect the children. These are the same people who want to train kindergarten through 12th graders that the homosexual lifestyle is healthy and preferred to the heterosexual lifestyle. These are the same people who refuse to share the fact that more of these kids will die of sexually transmitted diseases than cigarettes . . .or oreo cookies. These are the same people that believe the government should get out of people’s bedrooms and out of a girl’s womb.

Well shouldn’t the government then stay out of their stomach’s and lungs as well? If they are concerned about the harm of cigarettes to kids, but not about the possibility of these same kids getting AIDS, then maybe it is the School Board members who should be banned from having access to these kids.  They are the real danger to their health.