Bible Studies in Homes OK if During a Football Game?

A Denver couple is challenging a city order barring them from holding more than one prayer meeting at their home each month.

So if one week they did a Bible study, the next week a prayer meeting, the next week praise and worship, and the next week a foot washing, then the city would not have a problem with it?

That would be four different functions in the month. Or what if they decided to gather for Monday night football, every week during football season? Would the government come knock on their door and tell them they were breaking an ordinance.  Apparently not, because the administrator of the zoning department is reported to have said that they were only being shut down because the gathering was religious in nature.

Maybe the citizens of Denver need to elect officials who understand freedom of speech and assembly, who have a semi-grasp of the U.S. constitution, and who have the guts to protect and defend it.

In the meantime, I want to encourage people in Denver to hold prayer groups during Monday night football, until they pass a law saying it is illegal to pray for the Denver Broncos. Then, we might see some changes in government.