If Taxpayers Don’t Get a Refund, What Will the Money REALLY be Spent On?

During the tax debate, Senator William Roth asked a question of the President when explaining why he supported a tax refund to the American people.

He said, “Mr President, is it right for Washington to take from the taxpayers more money than is necessary to run the government? Individuals and families are due a refund, and that, Mr. President is exactly what we do with this legislation.”

But the president has already told the American people they don’t deserve it and he will veto the tax cut measure. The question is… how much of the refund that the citizens deserve will go to pay Al Gore’s $7 million dollar ride down the Connecticut River in New Hampshire? How much will go to rebuild cities in Yugoslavia that we spent millions bombing? How much will pay for Hillary’s repeated trips to New York? How much will pay for lost technology given to the Chinese?

Obviously, this administration thinks that these are worthy expenditures that the American people should gladly shoulder.

What do you think? Do you want your hard earned money returned and your tax rate lowered, or are you content to be taken advantage of, lied to, and stolen from?