Mormons Want Consistency in Marriage Law

The Mormon church in California opposes the legalization of same-sex marriages and have been raising money to fight the issue.   As a result, they have been reported to the IRS for violating their tax exempt status.

Yet there are several homosexual activists groups who have a similar tax exempt standing who have not been reported to the IRS by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Do we smell hypocrisy again from the left?

But what is really interesting, is that of all the groups in America that have a bonafide right to oppose same sex marriages . . . it is the Mormons.

After all, they were told by the Federal Government that they could not have more than one wife even though that had been part of their religious belief system.

So if the IRS tells the Mormon church they can’t express an opinion, educate their parishioner and take a moral stand on an issue that is important to them . . . won’t they have to tell the pro-homosexual groups the same?

And if for some reason Californians do vote to legally acknowledge same-sex marriages . . . won’t they necessarily have to allow Mormons to have more than one wife?